Tail rotor Blades and Rotor blades for helicopters of Mi series

Design Supervision

MMZ «VPERED» regularly informs the aviation community about the state with the author's and design support for the repair of aircraft assemblies produced at our enterprise.

Name Design and technological support of repair documentation
The list of enterprises on which the design and technological support of repair of bushes of steering screws, units and units of manufacture of MMZ «VPERED» for 2018 is carried out.
1 JSC "810 ARZ" Chita carried out
2 JSC "NARZ" Novosibirsk carried out
3 JSC "419 ARZ" Gorelovo carried out
4 JSC "356 ARZ" Engels carried out
5 JSC "SPARK" Saint Petersburg carried out
6 JSC "UTair-Engineering" Tyumen carried out
7 JSC "558 ARZ" Baranavichy (RB) carried out
8 GUP "SAP" Sevastopol carried out
9 JSC "OZGA" Omsk carried out
10 JSC Moscow ARZ DOSAAF carried out
11 JSC "ARZ 405" Alma-Ata (KZ) carried out
The list of enterprises that do not implemented design and technological support and repair of products MMZ «VPERED»
12 JSC "150 ARZ" Kaliningrad not implemented
13 MAZ 73 GA not implemented
14 JSC "12 ARZ" Khabarovsk not implemented
15 OJSC NPK PANH not implemented
16 "LOM PRAHA" Praha not implemented
17 "HELITECHCO" Vungtau, Vietnam not implemented
18 "TEREM-LETETS" Sofia, Bulgaria not implemented
19 "LETECKE OPRAVOVNE TRENCIN a.s" Trenčín Slovenská republika not implemented
At enterprises with which there are no contracts for maintenance and author supervision,
JSC MMBP VPERED can not guarantee compliance with the conditions of repair of its own production units.