Tail rotor Blades and Rotor blades for helicopters of Mi series

About MMBP “Vpered”

Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Vpered" is a modern industrial enterprise, the leader in the production of Tail rotor Blades and Rotor blades for helicopters of Mi series.

Since the plant “Vpered” was founded in 1931 and up to the present day, the target of our enterprise has always been the maximum satisfaction of our clients’ needs in guaranteed high-quality production.

MMBP “Vpered” successfully solves the tasks of development and introduction of new technologies in production, in enterprise management and product quality control, conquers new goals goes on to the industrial production of new samples of products using the most modern technologies, intended primarily for use in new russian helicopters.

Tail rotor Blades for Helicopters «Mi»
Tail rotor Blades for Helicopters «Mi»
  • 3-blade tail rotor: 8-3904-000, 246-3904-000
  • 4-blade tail rotor: 286-3904-000, 542-3904-000
Rotor blades
Rotor blades
  • Rotor blades: 8-3922-00, 246-3922-00, 246-3925-00 for 3-blade tail rotor
  • Rotor blades: 286-3921-000 for 4-blade tail rotor
  • Rotor blades: 90-3924-00 for 5-blade tail rotor
Products for Russian Railways
Products for Russian Railways
  • Multi-cyclone air cleaner diesel locomotives 2TE25, 2TE116, 2TE10
  • High-resource without splined shafts with elastic couplings for diesel locomotives

History of the plant “Vpered” from 1931 to the present

  • 1931
    The foundation of the plant. Manufacturing of wooden pipes and furniture
  • 1941
    Manufacturing of wooden rotor and rotor blades for aircrafts
  • 1945
    Production of rotor blades for wind power plants
  • 1948
    Production of rotor “V-501” for aircrafts
  • 1951
    Production of Tail rotors and Tail rotor Blades for helicopters “Mi-1”
  • 1957
    Production of rotor “V-530” for light aircrafts “Yak” & “Su”
  • 1966
    Production of Tail rotors 8-3904-000 for helicopters “Mi-8”
  • 1969
    Production of Tail rotors 246-3901-000
  • 1981
    Production of Tail rotors 246-3904-000 and Tail rotor Blades 90-3924-00
  • 2000
    Production of Tail rotors 286-3904-00 ”
  • 2005
    Production and service of rotors “MTV-9”
  • 2016
    Production of aviation units and fuel pumps (import substitution program)

MMBP “Vpered” JSC is one of the oldest enterprises of the Russian aircraft industry. The plant has been operating since 1931, and today it is a stable operating company that carries out timely fulfillment of orders for a wide range of clients. The plant has the design-engineering and technology departments, which are ready to bring new samples of products into production for our clients in the shortest possible time.

Company name

Full: Moscow Machine-Building Plant “Vpered” JSC

Abbreviated: MMBP “Vpered” JSC

Registration information
  • Main State Registration Number (MSRN) — 1027700054777
  • Tax Identity Number (TIN) — 7720066255
  • Registration Event Code (REC) — 772001001
  • All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations — 07501610
  • All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipal Formations — 45314000
  • OKB Kristall

  • OKB Mile

  • UTair

  • Kazan Helicopters