Tail rotor Blades and Rotor blades for helicopters of Mi series

Propellers “MTV-9” (“МТВ-9”)

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JSC MMBP “Vpered” invites to cooperation both companies and individuals who want to buy propellers for light and ultra light aircraft.

We buy used propellers “MTV-9 (“МТВ-9”), “V-530” (“В-530”) from our customers either with all the necessary documents or without them. In exchange, the customers have an opportunity to buy new propellers at special prices.

Also, we take orders for the manufacturing of propellers according to the customer's technical specification, assist in designing propellers with subsequent manufacturing. Our professionals will help you to choose a propeller from our range of products.

Our employees have been trained and certified by the “MT-Propeller” company, and they are capable of providing any help to our customers. There is a service center of the “MT-Propeller” company on the basis of our plant.

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Basic Specification

Option Rate
Operating temperature range, C ± 50
Type of propeller automatic, variable-pitch, tractor
Diameter, m 2,5 ... 2,6
Operating principle centrifugal
Number of blades 3
Maximum blade width, mm 195
Weight, kg. 37,6
Calculated torque inertia, kg. square m 1,555
Frequency of rotation, rpm 1940


Light-engine aircraft of domestic and foreign production

  • Yak-18
  • Yak-52
  • Yak-55
  • Yak-54
  • Yak-58
  • «Lightning-1»
  • Su-26MH
  • Su-29
  • Su-31