Tail rotor Blades and Rotor blades for helicopters of Mi series

Service and Repair

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JSC MMBP VPERED carries out repairs and maintenance of all products of its own production.The enterprise has a well-established production structure and advanced technologies for repair.

JSC MMBP VPERED renders services of warranty repair and service maintenance including on the territory of the customer, where highly qualified specialists of the maintenance and repair department leave. Our specialists will help to eliminate minor defects and breakdowns, if necessary, will make a defect and help correctly form an application for the return of products for repair at the enterprise.

Works carried out at JSC MMBP VPERED are distinguished by optimal prices, guaranteed high quality and efficiency of implementation.

Service and Repair
Service and Repair

Repairs of units and aggregates can be carried out both on the preliminary conclusion of the contract for a year, and on a one-off contract. At the same time, the conclusion of a contract for long-term cooperation and the fulfillment by the client of obligations under the Vedomosti of supply of the contract (the schedule of receipt of units for repairs) will allow obtaining more favorable conditions.

At the same time, JSC MMBP Vpered has its own re-equipment of products and buys a re-fund of its own products, therefore, in case of urgent work, our company is considering the possibility of replacing the customer's product sent for repair to an equivalent product of its own repair fund hours of SNE and year of manufacture of the product).


  1. The customer sends a written application for the repair of steering screws, assemblies and units, which indicates the nomenclature of units, numbers, their operating time from the beginning of operation and after the last repair, the delivery time for repair. The application can be for one-time repair of units and for repairs in a certain period (quarter).
  2. On the basis of received applications, an agreement is concluded for the repair of the units before the end of the current year, in which the Price Protocol and the Delivery List of the steering screws and units are to be repaired for a certain period (quarter). Repair of units can be carried out both on the preliminary conclusion of the contract for a year, and on a one-off contract.
  3. When the unit comes in for repair, the original procedure for verifying the authenticity of the passport is made. This procedure is necessary for the elimination of counterfeit products. In the absence of passports, the unit is authenticated by serial numbers on the unit's parts.
  4. Preparation of the relevant technical documentation for repair is carried out.
  5. Research unit for maintainability (product defect). According to the results of the investigation (defect), the type and amount of repair (repair category) is determined.
  6. The repair period of the units is from one to three months.
  7. Invoice for repair of the product (including payment for authenticity and defect). Payment order - 50% prepayment. The final calculation is made by the customer after the completion of the repair and receipt of a notice of the availability of the product for shipment.
* Reception of the Customer's units for repair is carried out by the maintenance and repair department, the issuance after repair is carried out by the commercial department from the sales warehouse of the finished products of AO MMBP VPERED.